Hi. I'm Marius Spînu

I'm a

Backend Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience, contributing to projects with microservice and event driven architectures.
Eager to implement visions for endeavours that could help individuals.


    1. 2020 Playtika Backend Software Engineer present

      Responsible for maintaining and adding new features to the company's social games' microservices. • I was tasked with implementing new spring cloud microservices from scratch, alongside writing software design documents for documentation. • Involved in enhancing existing services with new rest apis, business logic, unit tests, contract tests and functional tests. • Responsible for the implementation of two java services from outdated versions that were written in scala, using mostly reverse engineering. One had the responsibility to send notifications to users, using amazon’s notifications service (aws sns) and the other was a scheduler that worked as an adapter between two incompatible databases, in order to keep them both updated. • Implemented a wrapper over the department's public api gateway which used spring cloud gateway at its base, added routes, filters and rate limiters for managing requests. • Frequent usage of ELK stack for monitoring and adding logging information, also CI/CD tools such as jenkins or teamcity for building and deploying artifacts.

      Technology stack: Git, Jenkins, Teamcity, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, Apache Kafka, Redis, Aerospike, Maria DB, MySQL, Grafana, Kibana, Logstash.

    1. 2019 Ausy Java Software Developer 1 year

      • Involved in enhancing a web application regarding electronic visas and border control for a country's minister of defense. • I was responsible with implementing new REST apis, bug fixing, analyzing requests, writing unit and integration tests.

      Technology stack : Git, Jenkins, JAX-RS, Flyway, JPA/EclipseLink, Arquillian, Java EE, MySQL.

    1. 2017 Fortech Java Software Developer 1 year

      • Responsible for adding new functionalities inside a monolithic web application owned by an automotive company. The application was a vehicle configurator. • I was tasked with adding new features, bug-fixing, analyzing business requests, writing unit tests.

      Technology stack : Java EE, SVN, WebSphere, JSF, JSP, OpenJPA.

    1. 2015 Movial Android Developer Intern 2 months

      • Responsible for implementing the client side of an android e-commerce application. • I was tasked with implementing the process of adding products to a shopping cart, querying products based on certain criteria and also with caching mechanisms for graphical images, smooth scrolling and screen adaptation.

      Technology stack: Android SDK, Java SE, Git, SQLite, Facebook/Google Api.